Hulk vs. Hulk Pt1

Hulk vs. Hulk, Pt. 1 is a Event Quest, and part of the Gamma Attack! Event. Red Hulk feels it's time to hit the books!

Requirements Edit

  • Upgrade Red Hulk! (Rank 4)
    • 6,654 Credits
Character Action Time Location
Red Hulk Study Hulk's Weaknesses 30m The Timeless Archives (book)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Red Hulk: You need to help me find Hulk.
A-Bomb: So you can attack him? He's my best friend. I already told you he would've never destroyed your town on purpose...
Red Hulk: I don't care if it was on purpose or not. Either way, he's gonna pay...
A-Bomb: You really think you're stronger than Hulk? He's indestructible...
Red Hulk: No one's indestructible. Some are just harder to destruct...
A-Bomb: Is that even a real word?
Red Hulk: I looked it up!
A-Bomb: You know that if you try to hurt Hulk, you're gonna give me no choice but to fight you too...
Red Hulk: I'm counting on it...

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