Head of class 4

Head of the Class, Pt. 4 is a Event Quest. Iron Man is making improvements to Stark Tower and Pepper has resigned herself to having to clean up the inevitable mess.

Requirements Edit

  • Upgrade Pepper Potts! (Rank 2)
    • 1,957 Credits
Character Action Time Location
Pepper Potts Put Out Tony's Fires 1hr Stark Tower (outside)
Tony Do Super-Science 3m Stark Tower (holo display)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: I'm about to activate Stark Tower's new anti-bad-guy-repulsor-protection-system! Where's Wasp?! I need a catchier name for it!
Pepper Potts: You need to respect school rules, Tony. You have to clear anything like this with the administration.
Iron Man: That's what you said right before I improved Pym's Lab.
Pepper Potts: You almost blew up Pym's Lab...
Iron Man: And Pym said it was the best "almostplosion" he's ever seen!
Pepper Potts: You have to be more careful, Tony...
Iron Man: I know. I also know I never will. You should work for Stark Industries, Pepper. When I graduate and become an official Avenger, I'll need a stern yet sexy voice of reason to keep me in line...
Pepper Potts: Sounds like a lot of headaches. What's in it for me?
Iron Man: Besides the suit of armor I'm making you out of the goodness of my Arc Reactor heart? How about an entire business to boss around, and more money than Odin keeps hidden in his beard?
Pepper Potts: I'll think about it...

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