Head of the Class, Pt. 1

Head of the Class, Pt. 1 is a Event Quest involving Pepper Potts, and is the first part of her questline after you've added her to your Academy. Iron Man insists that Pepper needs some training in her repulsor skills, so they head to The Blasting Range.


Character Action Time Location
Iron Man + Pepper Potts Try it Out 2m The Blasting Range (firing points)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Pepper Potts: Thanks again, Tony! This is so great!
Iron Man: You want me to show you how to use it?
Pepper Potts: I probably know as much about your armor as you do.
Iron Man: Then you know how many times I've almost killed myself with it...
Pepper Potts: How'd I do?!
Iron Man: ...really, really good.
Pepper Potts: Thanks! I just want to be the best I can be with it. I hope you know I'm trying to outdo you...
Iron Man: Yeah. Like that's possible...

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