Guy Time Pt. 1

Guy Time, Pt. 1 is a Storyline Quest. It spawns after you have Iron Man, Loki, and Falcon at your Academy. The guys decide to hang out together! First stop: the hot tub. Loki and Falcon are constantly bickering over Tony's attention, with Loki telling Tony repeatedly that he refuses to hang out with "bird-brain", while Falcon remarks similarly about Loki.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Falcon + Iron Man + Loki Chill Out 3hr Stark Tower (hot tub)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Falcon: Let's hang out, Tony!
Iron Man: Yeah, sounds good. Wasp just had me get all emotional, so I could go for some guy time. I'll tell Loki...
Loki: Your tub reeks of chemicals...
Iron Man: Yeah, that's what keeps it clean.
Loki: Let's hope so. I'd prefer not to catch whatever is infecting you two...
Iron Man: What should we do for guy time phase two?
Falcon: Something without Loki?

Gallery Edit

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