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Good Times, pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy event.

Requirements Edit

  • Build Club Galaxy!
    • Cost: 4 Chitauri Armor (dropped from defeated Chitauri Henchmen) and 1,059 Energy Crystals
    • Time: 7m 14s

Quest Dialogue Edit

Star Lord: I heard you're the genius engineer around here. I need your help. I'd usually ask my buddy Rocket, but he's cryogenically sleeping, and when he wakes up, he'll probably want to blow my head off.
Intergalactic Iron Man: Sure, what do you need? A new weapon? Some armor?
Star Lord: A club.
Intergalactic Iron Man: To dance?
Star Lord: And play music. And quench thirst. And charm the space ladies.
Intergalactic Iron Man: ...That might not be a good idea.
Star Lord: You think we should just fight Ronan and the Chitauri the whole time? I guess they are trying to take over the universe...
Intergalactic Iron Man: Oh no, we're building a club. I was just thinking out loud. My first idea was it would be really elegant and sophisticated. Now I'm thinking neon everything...
Star Lord: Nice work, Tony!
Intergalactic Iron Man: The title of my autobiography will be "Steel and Neon."
Star Lord: Catchy. This place is begging for a party. Looks like every single one of us can fit in here...
Intergalactic Iron Man: Perfect place to celebrate after we beat Ronan.
Star Lord: Right. Of course. We should definitely do that first...

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