Get the Guardians! Pt. 4

Get the Guardians! Pt. 4 is an Event Quest for the limited-time Guardians of the Galaxy event. Star-Lord is free of his escape pod, but needs some help before he'll be ready to fight the Chitauri.


  • Recruit Star-Lord!
    • Collect 10 Good Luck Charms
      • Gain by defeating Chitauri Minions/Chitauri Henchmen
    • Collect 8 Cassettes
      • Gain by having Nebula do her action Ms. Roboto or Collect from Star-Lord's Cassette Deck
    • Collect 20 Blaster Ammos
      • Gain from doing Missions on the Event Mission Board
    • Collect 1276 Energy Crystals
      • Gain from doing Missions on the Event Mission Board
  • Defeat a Chitauri Henchman!

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: Are you okay?
Star Lord: I'm a couple notches under okay, but Energy Crystals should heal me up...
Wasp: How does that work?
Star Lord: Janet, I'm a Star-Lord, not a doctor...
Star Lord: Hold on, is this Earth?!
Wasp: Duh.
Star Lord: I'm from here! I'm totally Terran!
Wasp: Me too!
Star Lord: Let's defend our home planet!
Wasp: Let's kick some Chitauri butt!
Star Lord: Then let's party!
Wasp: Then let's kiss!

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