Get the Guardians! Pt. 1

Get the Guardians! Pt. 1 is an Event Quest for the limited-time Guardians of the Galaxy event. Ronan the Accuser and the Chitauri have shown up at the Academy searching to retrieve the energy crystals scattered around campus. You must free the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop them!


  • Learn about the Alien Invasion!
    • Either click on the icon in the Quest or click on the little purple shield icon down at the bottom right, next to the clothes hanger.

Quest Dialogue Edit

Ronan: Terrans, Asgardians, and other assorted abominations...I am Ronan the Accuser. Kree champion, and wielder of The Universal Weapon. I have come to--
Chitauran Soldier: Rhe...
Ronan: WE have come to retrieve the energy crystals scattered around Knowhere, and your primitive academy. Attempt to stop us, and you will be destroyed. Attempt to free our former classmates from their escape pods, and you will be destroyed. Attempt to--
Chitauran Soldier: Rhe sloolgh julmpkhh dlekshkrok telm enklhawainn...
Ronan: This filthy, ill-mannered Chitauran is right. We should just destroy you anyway. Seeing as we came all this way...
Wasp: My first alien invasion!
Iron Man: We need to get these energy crystals before they do, and free whoever's in the escape pods...
Wasp: How do you know?
Iron Man: Because you should always do the opposite of what the bad guy orders you to do. I mean, I never pay attention in class, but I feel like that has to be true...

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