Get What's Coming

Get What's Coming is a Storyline Quest. The All-Father has put a stop to the scheming of his wayward son, and now it's time for Loki and his compatriots to learn a lesson...


Character Action Time Location
Loki Study The All-Father 2hr The Timeless Archives (floating book)
Enchantress Study The All-Father 2hr The Timeless Archives (book)
Taskmaster Study The All-Father 2hr The Timeless Archives (computer)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Odin: You three are lucky. If I didn't think Avengers Academy was good for you, you'd already be in my dungeon. If Fury had his way, he'd lock you away in one of his planned detention centers.
Taskmaster: What's your point, old man?
Odin: The best way for you to further learn your lesson is to learn about the All-Father. And understand why he should never again be challenged.
Loki: Does it make you feel important to talk about yourself in the third person?
Enchantress: You constantly do the same thing.
Taskmaster: Like father, like son.
Loki: Shut up!
Taskmaster: Should we talk about the stuff you stole from ice giant land?
Enchantress: That filthy mask must be obstructing your vision because I have no idea what you're talking about.
Taskmaster: Okay. I'll just tell Odin about what I imagined I saw...
Enchantress: No!
Taskmaster: Then spill it.
Enchantress: Just follow me. You might prove useful...

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