Get Tectonic!

Get Tectonic! is a Storyline Quest. It is the Recruitment Quest for Quake.

Requirements Edit

  • Recruit Quake!
    • 395 Shards (20% off) before 3/29/2016, 9pm EDT
    • 500 Shards after 3/29/2016, 9pm EDT

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: Quake! I'm Wasp!
Quake: Hi.
Wasp: I love that you're so shy! Is it because you're afraid that if someone gets too close to you, you might accidentally shake them so hard that their skin rips off and their bones disintegrate?!
Quake: Not with all of those horrific details, but yes...
Wasp: Don't worry about it! I'm totally almost indestructible, and we need someone to shake things up around here! And I'm pretty sure that's a pun!
Nick Fury: I'm happy you're here, Johnson. Even happier that you'll be training as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Quake: Thank you, Director Fury. I'm excited about learning how to focus my powers.
Nick Fury: And after I show you how to focus them, I'll show you who to focus them on...

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