Get Punk Spider-Man!

Get Punk Spider-Man is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Homecoming Event. It unlocks the Punk Spider-Man outfit for Spider-Man.

Requirements Edit

Get Punk Spider-Man!

  • Collect all four outfits: Asgardian Spider-Man, Superior Doctor Octopus, Anti-Venom, Armored Mary Jane

Quest Dialogue Edit

Spider-Gwen: I never thought of you as punk rock...
Punk Spider-Man: When I travelled the multiverse for our last adventure, I met this awesome Spider-Man named Hobie Brown! I helped him rebel against President Osborn, and he gave me this killer outfit!
Spider-Gwen: Did you see me in that world?
Punk Spider-Man: ...
Spider-Gwen: Come on! I'm dead there too?!
Punk Spider-Man: Oi!
Black Knight: Dude, you're American. I'm also American.
Punk Spider-Man: Your mom's American!
Black Knight: Actually, my mom is British. It's a little confusing.