Get Over It Pt2

Get Over It, Pt. 2 is a Event Quest, and part of the Gamma Attack! Event. Wasp was right—Red Hulk and Enchantress are working together!

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Red Hulk Ground Pound 3hr Quad (bottom left)
Enchantress Cast Spells 1m Paths

Quest Dialogue Edit

Red Hulk: Everything going according to plan?
Enchantress: Of course. Black Widow is preoccupied. Fury is fooled. Loki is over-confident as always. The only one who's even slightly suspicious is Wasp, and honestly, who cares about her?
Red Hulk: Good. You do your part. I'll get ready to fight...
Enchantress: I've located Hulk. Are you sure you'll be able to bring him back alive?
Red Hulk: I'll bring him back one way or the other...

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