Get A Clue, Pt. 2

Get A Clue, Pt. 2 is a Premium Quest. Spider-Woman is looking to compare notes with Loki.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Spider-Woman Gossip About Hydra 1hr 15m Club A (bar)
Loki Ruin All The Fun 2m Club A (bar)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Spider-Woman: How do you like the Academy?
Loki: How do you think?
Spider-Woman: I think you hate it, but you love what it's hiding.
Loki: And what exactly is it hiding?
Spider-Woman: Let's find out...
Spider-Woman: Do you recognize that energy signature?
Loki: Do you?
Spider-Woman: You aren't really gonna share any information, are you?
Loki: I prefer misinformation.

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