Fire Away, Pt. 3

Fire Away, Pt. 3 is a Event Quest, and part of the Gamma Attack! Event. Loki is offering his help to Red Hulk.


Character Action Time Location
Red Hulk Ground Pound 45m Quad (bottom left)
Loki Study Arcane Lore 3m The Timeless Archives (floating book)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Loki: I understand you're searching for the green you...
Red Hulk: Prance out of my sight before I skewer you with that stupid stick.
Loki: You're just as angry as I am, but absurdly worse at disguising it. I can help you find your enemy, and get your revenge, Rulk. If you're willing to help me...
Red Hulk: Did you find Hulk?
Loki: I believe I'm extremely close. I just need to call in the help of...
Red Hulk: Some friends of yours?
Loki: I almost said it, but honestly, who are we kidding?

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