Fight Plan

Fight Plan is a Storyline Quest. Enchantress is sending Taskmaster to Asgard to hone his skills.


Character Action Time Location
Taskmaster Travel To Asgard 1hr The Bifrost (inside)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Enchantress: Did you convince Captain America to join us?
Taskmaster: It's not about that anymore.
Enchantress: What do you mean?
Taskmaster: It's him versus me now. You want him to lead your army, but after I take him out, there ain't nobody in the world who won't follow Taskmaster. I just need to get a little stronger.
Enchantress: I respect your thirst for revenge, henchman. If you get stronger by fighting, then we'll send you to face the greatest fighters in all the Nine Realms...
Taskmaster: That. Was. Awesome.
Enchantress: Are you ready to prove you can lead my army by defeating Captain America?
Taskmaster: I just fought an archer, an ogre, three demons, and a monster made of rocks. So, yeah. I'd say I'm ready...

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