Field Day 2

Field Day, Pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest. It involves Black Widow training Wasp to be a more efficient fighter.


Character Action Time Location
Black Widow Run in Silence 1m Avengers Stadium (track)
Wasp Design Uniforms 2hr The Timeless Archives (computer)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Widow: I'll give it to you, Wasp. I'd never be a cheerleader unless I was undercover and under mind-control, but this place looks like it'll have some solid training options.
Wasp: Plus, Captain America is gonna love it!
Black Widow: Why're you always talking about Captain America?
Wasp: Have you seen him?
Black Widow: Yeah, he's just some new guy. With a cool weapon. And a lot of fighting experience. And strong, toned arms...
Wasp: Running usually seems like a waste of wings, but the stadium makes it fun!
Black Widow: I definitely doubt A.I.M. will be getting one of these.
Wasp: It'll help recruiting for sure. It would be even better if we start a--
Black Widow: Don't say cheerleading squad...
Wasp: Football team! I wanna smear mascara under my eyes and hurt somebody!

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