Evil Schemes Pt2

Evil Schemes, Pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest. Loki and Enchantress are honing their skills.


Character Action Time Location
Loki + 1 other student Use A Force Field 4hr The Arena Of War (stage)
Enchantress Refine Attacks 30m The Blasting Range (firing points)
Loki + Enchantress Prepare For War 1hr The Arena Of War (stage)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Loki: I'm glad you agreed to prepare yourself for my upcoming plan...
Enchantress: Of course. I enjoy a good war just as much as the next goddess...
Enchantress: When will our war be starting?
Loki: Soon. I just need to consult my father...
Enchantress: Odin is part of your plan?
Loki: My family will always be included in my plans. Until they cease to exist...

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