Enemy Disruptor

Enemy Disruptor is an Event Quest for the limited-time Guardians of The Galaxy Event. Iron Man has found a way to get around the Chitauri's personal force fields.

Requirements Edit

  • Get an Energy Disruptor!
    • Get these by completing missions on the Event Mission Board
  • Defeat a Chitauri Minion

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: The Chitauri are all using personal force fields.
Captain America: You're smiling under there, aren't you? Why does that make you smile?
Iron Man: Because I've designed Energy Disruptors to shut them down.
Captain America: So, you're smiling because you're proud of yourself?
Iron Man: Yes. And because I'm a naturally fun, smily guy. But mostly because once the force fields are down, we can beat them back to outer space, and save the world. Tell me that doesn't make you smile...
Captain America: I like saving the world as much as the next guy...
Captain America: Nice work, Tony! Not just the tech, but I can tell you've really been working on your fighting technique. Now it's my turn...
Iron Man: Thanks, Cap. But I have some bad news.
Captain America: No jokes, Tony. We're in the middle of a battle.
Iron Man: I am. You're on the sidelines this time. You need space-age tech and weapons to fight these guys...
Captain America: You think I'm afraid.
Iron Man: No. I think you're a lot of things, but never afraid. I just think you need to let me lead the charge for once...

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