Double-Agent, Pt. 1

Double-Agent, Pt. 1 is a Premium Quest. It spawns once you purchase the Premium Character Spider-Woman.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Spider-Woman Spider Glide 30m Avengers Hall (roof)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Nick Fury: Everybody here knows you used to go to Hydra School.
Spider-Woman: Thanks for making my new classmates hate me.
Nick Fury: I didn't tell them. Gossip is about the only time they show initiative.
Spider-Woman: I told you I'm done with Hydra.
Nick Fury: I believe you. If I didn't, you wouldn't be talking right now. Still, you should demonstrate what you can do to be an asset to the Academy...
Nick Fury: Testing out my campus?
Spider-Woman: Just training to be an Avenger. Isn't that why I'm here?
Nick Fury: It better be.

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