Dig Up The Past

Dig Up The Past is a Storyline Quest. Enchantress and Taskmaster are looking for a way to manipulate Captain America.


Character Action Time Location
Enchantress Enchant Artifacts 8hr The Asgardian Forge (magic pool)
Taskmaster Hit The Taskbar 1m The Timeless Archives (computer)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Enchantress: We need more information on Captain America. Something from his past that we can twist to convince him to join our cause. I'll see what I can find with my sorcery...
Taskmaster: Haven't you heard of the internet?
Enchantress: Even if I were willing to touch those grubby buttons, do you honestly expect me to search for information in the same place as everyone else? It's disgusting...
Taskmaster: The disgustingness is the best part.
Taskmaster: You find out anything about Cap by dipping stuff in magic?
Enchantress: No.
Taskmaster: Well, he had a friend named Barnes back before he was a Capsicle. Been missing forever, but there's a lot of chatter about him being recently linked to Hydra School.
Enchantress: Impressive investigating, henchman. Captain America will likely do anything for his friend.
Taskmaster: You want me to try to find him?
Enchantress: No. We need to remain as inconspicuous as possible. I'll have someone else do the dirty work...

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