Dance Fever, Pt. 2

Dance Fever, Pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest. Ms. Marvel is ready to become a better dancer.


Character Action Time Location
Ms. Marvel + Taskmaster Learn Some Moves 1hr Club A (dance floor)
Falcon Get Your Groove On 8hr Club A (dance floor)
Captain America Do The Charleston 8hr Club A (dance floor)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Taskmaster: Dancing is like fighting. Think of the dance floor like your enemy. Every movement is strategically designed to inflict pain and punishment until you beat it into submission, and walk out victorious.
Ms. Marvel: I thought dancing was supposed to be fun?
Taskmaster: It is. Did you miss the part about inflicting pain and punishment?
Ms. Marvel: That was cool. I don't know about beating up the dance floor, but I definitely felt like I got better by focusing on what I was doing. I've always been kind of shy about dancing...
Taskmaster: You worry about what other people think too much. If I had powers like yours, I'd be making everybody here kiss my feet.
Ms. Marvel: That's gross. But thanks...
Taskmaster: You're welcome. You got a lot of potential, Ms. Marvel. Come find me if you're ever thinking about going evil...

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