Cosmic Bombshell!

Cosmic Bombshell! is an Event Quest and is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Event. This quest enabled Wasp to battle the Chitauri!

Requirements Edit

  • Unlock Retro-Futuristic Wasp outfit!
    • 10 Anti-Gravity Batteries
    • 4 Chitauri Armor
    • 3 Old Sci-Fi Movies
    • 4 Vintatge Magazines
    • 5,281 Energy Crystals
  • Defeat a Chitauri Trooper

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: These aliens have me totally inspired! I wanna make my own space outfit to make them feel at home!
Pepper Potts: I think that's a great idea. Not as great as actually helping to fight the invaders, but I'll take it. Why are you telling me this though? You're the fashion expert...
Wasp: You stress about stuff, so I wanted to give you a heads up that Tony and Mr. Pym are collaborating on a vintage ray gun that's critical to the look. It defies gravity, and blasts out cosmic explosions!
Pepper Potts: That sounds incredibly dangerous, Wasp. Absolutely not. It's completely against the rules...
Wasp: There's no rules in space!
Pepper Potts: Well, you look amazing, and I'm glad to see you're using that ray gun to defend the Academy. Just please be careful.
Retro-Futuristic Wasp: In space, no one can hear you being careful.
Pepper Potts: You're like an encyclopedia of nonsensical space sayings...
Retro-Futuristic Wasp: The galaxy is still a bewildering enigma!

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