"Martial Arts Master. Sword Aficianado. Daughter of the Dragon."

—Colleen Wing

A samurai and detective, Colleen Wing is a character you could first recruit to your academy during the Defenders Event. Her Recruitment Quest was Get Colleen Wing! Her Mission Board Quests can be found here

 Requirements Edit

Defenders Event Edit

  • Level 6 to start the event
  • 70 White Spray Paint
  • 18 Practice Swords
  • 60 Bounties
  • 7 Black Belts
  • 3,500 Gold Ninja Stars

 Upgrades Edit

Each time Colleen Wing is upgraded, her Power Level increases.

  • Avengers Academy 2.0:
Rank Title Cost Mission
2 500 Credits, 10 Punching Bags Bounties and Bushido, pt. 3
3 Lady Samurai 1,000 Credits, 25 Punching Bags Knightwing Restorations, Ltd., pt. 2
4 5,000 Credits, 50 Punching Bags Daughters of the Dragon, pt. 1
5 Daughter of the Dragon 20,000 Credits, 100 Punching Bags Daughters of the Dragon, pt. 3
  • Avengers Academy 1.0:
Rank Defenders Event Post Event
2 10 Green Spray Paint, 20 Red Spray Paint, 20 White Spray Paint, 4,000 Gold Ninja Stars 25 Daredevil Tokens
3 20 Green Spray Paint, 30 Red Spray Paint, 30 White Spray Paint, 6,000 Gold Ninja Stars 35 Daredevil Tokens
4 40 Green Spray Paint, 40 Red Spray Paint, 40 White Spray Paint, 8,000 Gold Ninja Stars 45 Daredevil Tokens
5 60 Green Spray Paint, 50 Red Spray Paint, 50 White Spray Paint, 10,000 Gold Ninja Stars 55 Daredevil Tokens

Combat Attributes Edit

Type Class Basic Attack Special Attack Ultimate 1 Passive Ultimate 2

Appearance Edit

Facial Appearance Edit

Colleen has fair skin, brown hair, and brown eyes.

Rank Appearance Edit

Colleen Wing's Rank 1 outfit is a red and white jacket with wing designs over a white shirt, light blue athletic shorts, and blue flats.

Colleen Wing's Rank 3 outfit is a white, blue, and red jacket over a white shirt, light blue athletic shorts, fingerless white gloves, and white flats with white knee-high socks.

Colleen Wing's Rank 5 outfit is a white and blue jacket with the hood drawn up, white pants, and white sneakers.

 Character Relationships Edit

Claire Temple Edit

Claire joins Colleen's dojo to learn how to defend herself against opponents like the Hand.

Grandmaster Edit

Colleen Wing agreed to participate in the Grandmaster's fight club, in exchange for a new bike engine if she won.

Misty Knight Edit

Misty and Colleen are best friends and partners in a private investigation firm, Knightwing Restorations, Ltd.

Newscaster Supreme Edit

Newscaster Supreme took self-defense classes with Colleen Wing.

Stick Edit

Stick attempted to recruit Colleen to the Chaste, but she declined.

 Soundbites Edit

Colleen Wing is voiced by Maya Tuttle.

  • "Bring it on."
  • "Cut it out!"
  • "I dare ya."
  • "I'll send you my bill."
  • "I'm asking you nicely, stop."
  • "Keep practicing."
  • "Mercy has its limits."
  • "My sword does all the talking."
  • "Respect the code."
  • "That would be a mistake."
  • "There's only one way to kill a dragon."
  • "This is my choice."
  • "Who put you in charge?"
  • "You dishonor yourself."
  • "You should master silence."

Actions Edit

Icon Name Time Location Rank Notes
Mar action dances at lounge large v2@4x
Have Some Fun 2h Club A (dance floor) 1
Action Investigate
Investigate 2h Academy Courthouse 1
Action Be BFFs
Be BFFs! 4h Club A (roof) 1 Requires Misty Knight
Mar action search for clues v3@4x
Be at Peace 1h Avengers Dorm (right chair) 4
Action Fight Like a Samurai
Fight Like a Samurai 1h Robo Dojo 2
Form Daughters of the Dragon 5
Mar action night out v3@4x
Hunt the Hand 5h The Quinjet Hangar (quinjet) 4
Mar action make a scene large v2@4x
Listen In 30m Club A (bar) 2
Mar action falcon punch- large v2@4x
Refine Your Technique 2h Avengers Dorm (punching bag) 3
Sharpen Your Sword 5
Mar action study large v2@4x
Study Bushido Code 1h Timeless Archives (book) 2
Mar action use computer large v2@4x
Watch Fight Club Videos 30m Timeless Archives (computer) 3

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