Club Hit

Club Hit is a Storyline Quest. Enchantress and Taskmaster are pretending nothing is going on.


  • Upgrade Club A! (Stage 3)
    • Time: 1 day
    • Cost: 9,452 Credits
Character Action Time Location
Enchantress Scoff At Peons 1m Club A (bar)
Taskmaster Be The Dancemaster 15m Club A (dance floor)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Taskmaster: Who you got looking for Cap's buddy Barnes?
Enchantress: There's a Hydra Enforcer under my spell. He's been in one of their cells since our last adventure, but I've been having him tunnel out ever since.
Taskmaster: With his bare hands?
Enchantress: What's left of them.
Taskmaster: What do you want me to do?
Enchantress: Interact with our classmates. Act as if nothing is afoot. Be ready for war...
Taskmaster: You look even meaner than usual.
Enchantress: The Hydra fool is useless. He says they're constantly bringing in prisoners and recruits, but there's never been anyone named Barnes.
Taskmaster: Why don't you let me try to recruit Cap? We're probably the only two guys in the world who walk around carrying shields. It's gotta be worth something.
Enchantress: Just don't fail me, henchman. The Hydra Enforcer learned what I do with men who serve no purpose...

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