Club A is a Building. It is the third building available. It has an outdoor dance floor with a bar and table. When fully upgraded, it adds a pool table, a string of lights overhead, and a tiled dance floor. It is the most common place to hang out in Avengers Academy. The bartender is an Ultron robot. Club A takes up 4 x 4 (16) plots.

Requirements Edit

  • Stage 1 - Stage 1 of Club A is the basic layout.
    • Unlocks at: Level 3
    • Quest: Dance Date
    • Cost: 98 Credits 
    • Time: 3s 
    • New Action Areas: Above, Bar, Dance Floor, To The Side Of The Bar, To The Side Of The Dance Floor
  • Stage 2 - Stage 2 of Club A adds a pool table as an action area.
    • Unlocks at: Level 14
    • Quest: Turn Up The Fun, Pt. 2
    • Cost: 1,836 Credits
    • Time: 14hr
    • New Action Areas: Pool Table
  • Stage 3 - Stage 3 of Club A adds many visual differences, such as a tiled dance floor and lights.
    • Unlocks at: Level 25
    • Quest: Club Hit
    • Cost: 9,452 Credits
    • Time: 1 day
    • New Action Areas: Inside

Action Areas Edit

As you upgrade Club A, you add to the available action areas.

  • Above - the space in the air above Club A. The only characters who use this area are Vision and Viv.
  • Bar - the bar is inhabited by a bartender robot that serves drinks. Characters mostly "chill" near the bar, turning every now and then to nod to the bartender. One character allowed at a time.
  • Dance Floor - the floor to the right of the bar. It starts as a plain wooden floor, but as you upgrade Club A it becomes red & white checkered tile. Normally used for characters dancing. Most of the characters have a generic, swaying dance animation, but some characters have unique dances. Six characters allowed at a time4 characters dancing individually and 2 spots in the center for any characters dancing "together."
  • Inside - the character disappears inside the bar. The door stays open and shines from inside to indicate it is in use. No limit on characters.
  • Off The Dance Floor - the space between the Dance Floor and the door that leads Inside of the bar.  One action allowed at a time.
  • Pool Table - a pool table available after upgrading to Stage 2. One character allowed at a time.
  • Right Bar Stool - this action area is between the Bar and the Dance Floor. The character stands in front of the right bar stool. The only character who uses this area so far is Iron Man for his Celebrate The Deal action. One character allowed at a time.
  • Roof - this action area is the roof of Club A. One character allowed at a time.

Interactions Edit

Club A allows various interactions for many characters.

A-Bomb Edit

  • Order An Appetizer - 1h, Bar
  • Stomp The Club - 4h, Dance Floor

Agent 13 Edit

  • Peep the Scene - 6h, Bar

Amadeus Cho Edit

  • Be Awesome - 2h, Dance Floor
  • Calculate Angles - 2h, Pool Table

America Chavez Edit

  • Watch Over Your Friends - 1m, Bar
  • Kick It - 2h, Dance Floor
  • Ignore Laws of Physics - 2h, Pool Table

The Ancient One Edit

  • Drink Moon Water - 1m, Bar
  • Engage in Revelry - 45m, Dance Floor

Angela Edit

  • Celebrate Victory - 1h, Bar
  • Forge Bonds - 8h, Off The Dance Floor (Requires Loki)

Baron Zemo Edit

  • Own The Dance Floor - 4h, Dance Floor

Black Cat Edit

  • Party Hardy - 4h, Dance Floor
  • Find an Easy Mark - 6h, Bar

Black Knight Edit

  • Order Another! - 25m, Bar

Black Panther Edit

  • Be Social - 25m, Bar

Black Widow Edit

  • Tango! - 1m, Entire Dance Floor (Requires Undercover Black Widow Outfit, a male student)
  • Eavesdrop - 3m, Off The Dance Floor
  • Scope The Scene - 25m, Bar (6m 15s with the Undercover Black Widow outfit)
  • Pretend To Have Fun - 1h, Dance Floor

Bucky Barnes Edit

  • Play a Tune - 4h, Dance Floor

Captain America Edit

  • Find Ricochet Angles - 2h, Pool Table
  • Do The Charleston - 8h, Dance Floor

Captain Britain Edit

  • Dance like an American - 4h, Dance Floor

Captain Marvel Edit

  • Take Five - 1m, Bar

Colleen Wing Edit

  • Be BFFs! - 4h, Roof (Requires Misty Knight)

Crimson Dynamo Edit

  • Watch and Wait - 30m

Crossbones Edit

  • Speak to the Manager - 3m, Bar
  • Crossbones Don't Dance - 4h, Dance Floor

Daredevil Edit

  • Have a Drink - 2h 30m, Bar
  • Meet Someone New - 4h, Dance Floor

Doctor Octopus Edit

  • Exhibit Superior Gyrations - 2h, Dance Floor

Doctor Strange Edit

  • Unleash Magic of Dance - 2h, Dance Floor

Doctor Voodoo Edit

  • Feel the Beat - 45m, Dance Floor

Dracula Edit

  • Peruse the Options! - 3m, Dance Floor
  • Order O Negative! - 2hr, Bar

Drax the Destroyer Edit

  • Crush Cans - 2m, Bar
  • Destroy the Dance Floor - 5h, Dance Floor

Electro Edit

  • Pound Energy Drinks! - 45m, Bar
  • Charge Up the Club! - 4h, Dance Floor

Elektra Edit

  • Learn the Local Dance - 1m, Dance Floor
  • Act Normal - 2h, Bar

Enchantress Edit

  • Scoff At Peons - 1m, Bar
  • Steal The Spotlight - 45m, Dance Floor

Falcon Edit

  • Do the Snake! - 2h, Dance Floor (Requires Serpent Crown Falcon outfit)
  • Shoot Pool - 4h, Pool Table
  • Get Your Groove On - 8h, Dance Floor

Frigga Edit

  • Celebrate Life - 1m, Bar
  • Get Funky - 2h, Dance Floor

Gamora Edit

  • Contemplate Chaos - 2m, Bar

Ghost Rider Edit

  • Find Practical Applications! - 4h, Pool Table
  • Enjoy Free Time! - 6h, Dance Floor

Green Goblin Edit

  • Cheers Yourself - 2h, Bar
  • Dance like Crazy - 4h, Dance Floor

Groot Edit

  • Stay Hydrated - 15m, Bar

Hank Pym Edit

  • That's Dancing! - 2h, Dance Floor
  • That's Refreshing! - ???, Bar

Hawkeye Edit

  • Dance like an Avenger - 2h, Dance Floor
  • Show 'em How It's Done - 2h, Pool Table
  • Order Coffee - 3h, Bar

Hellcat Edit

  • Chat it Up - 4h, Dance Floor

Hercules Edit

  • Flex Muscles - 15m, Dance Floor

Hulk Edit

  • HULK OUT! - 15m, Dance Floor

Hulkling Edit

  • Appreciate Your Jam - 5h, Dance Floor

Iron Fist Edit

  • Go With the Flow - 1m, Dance Floor
  • Chill - 30m, Bar

Iron Man Edit

  • Make A Scene - 2m, Bar
  • Party Hard - 3m, Inside
  • Celebrate The Deal - 3h, Right Bar Stool (Requires Business Time Tony outfit)

Jessica Jones Edit

  • Take Some Shots - 45m, Roof
  • Drink and Observe - 2h, Bar

Jocasta Edit

  • Observe Organic Life - 2h, Bar
  • Dance Machine - 6h, Dance Floor

Kate Bishop Edit

  • Make the Shot - 2h, Pool Table
  • Show Off - 4h, Club A

Leader Edit

  • Don't Think - 2hr, Dance Floor

The Lizard Edit

  • Get Refreshed! - 45m, Bar
  • Dance Like Lizardsss! - 3h, Dance Floor

Loki Edit

  • Ruin All The Fun - 2m, Bar
  • Master The Cat's Floor - 5m, Dance Floor (Requires Feline Loki outfit)
  • Improve Perfection - 1h, Dance Floor (Requires Kid Loki outfit)
  • Master The Dance Floor - 2h, Dance Floor

Luke Cage Edit

  • Hit the Floor - 1m, Dance Floor
  • Talk Mixology - 2h 45m, Club A (bar)

Lucky Edit

  •  ??? - 4h, Dance Floor

M.O.D.O.K. Edit

  • Observe The Festivities - 2h, Roof
  • Participate In Frivolity - 4h, Dance Floor

Madame Hydra Edit

  • Observe Student Behavior - 6h, Bar

Mary Jane Edit

  • Say Hello! - 1h 30m, Bar
  • Join The Party! - 3h, Dance Floor

Miles Morales Edit

  • Join the Party - 4h, Dance Floor

Misty Knight Edit

  • Consider All Angles - 2h, Pool Table
  • Clear Your Head - 4h, Dance Floor

Mockingbird Edit

  • Enjoy Signature Drink - 2h, Bar
  • Blend In - 4h, Dance Floor

Moon Girl Edit

  • Practice Geometry - 2h, Pool Table

Moon Knight Edit

  • Walk Like an Egyptian! - 4h, Dance Floor

Mordo Edit

  • Discover Dance! - 2h, Dance Floor
  • Imbibe Potions! - 2h, Bar

Ms. Marvel Edit

  • Play Some Pool - 2h, Pool Table
  • Cut Loose - 8h, Dance Floor

Mysterio Edit

  • Hypnotize Classmates - 6h, Bar

Nico Minoru Edit

  • Research Synonyms - 2h, Pool Table
  • Miss Your Friends - 4h, Dance Floor

Odin Edit

  • Odindance - 3h, Dance Floor
  • Odindrink - 1m, Bar

Orrgo Edit

  • Be Elegant! - 2h, Dance Floor

Peggy Carter Edit

  • Share A Moment - 3m, Entire Dance Floor (Requires Captain America)
  • Take a Break - 2h, Bar

Pepper Potts Edit

  • Take a Break - 3h, Dance Floor

Phil Coulson Edit

  • Get Down - 2h, Dance Floor
  • Soak It All In - 3h, Bar

Quake Edit

  • Do The Quake - 2h, Dance Floor
  • Observe The Party - 6h, Bar

Red Hulk Edit

  • Conquer The Dance Floor - 4h, Dance Floor

Satana Edit

  • Party Like Hell - 4h, Dance Floor

She-Hulk Edit

  • Stand Out - 1m, Bar
  • Crush the Dance Floor - 45m, Dance Floor

Sif Edit

  • Engage Fellow Warriors - 4h, Bar

Singularity Edit

  • Yum! - 1m, Bar
  • Dance! - 2h, Dance Floor

Spider-Gwen Edit

  • Listen to DJ Vision - 45m, Bar

Spider-Man Edit

  • Dance Punk - 2h, Dance Floor (Requires Punk Spider-Man outfit)
  • Dance Awkwardly - 4h, Dance Floor

Spider-Man 2099 Edit

  • Do Future Moves - 4h, Dance Floor

Spider-Woman Edit

  • Gossip About Hydra - 1h 15m, Bar

Squirrel Girl Edit

  • Get Nuts! - 30m, Dance Floor
  • Let's Hang Out! - 30m, Bar

Star-Lord Edit

  • Party With Earthlings - 2m, Bar

Stinger Edit

  • Crush It - 2h, Dance Floor
  • Be the Bigger Person - 6h, Bar

Taskmaster Edit

  • Be The Dancemaster - 15m, Dance Floor

Thor Edit

  • Enjoy The Festivities! - 25m, Dance Floor
  • Greet Fellow Warriors! - 1h, Bar
  • Toast Your Victory - 5h, Bar (Requires Gladiator Thor outfit)

Thor (Jane Foster) Edit

  • And Another! - 1m, Bar
  • Hammer Time! - 5h, Dance Floor

Ultron Edit

  • Complain About Humans - 2h, Bar
  • Get Acclimated - 5m, Dance Floor

Union Jack Edit

  • Try What's Local - 6h, Bar

Venom Edit

  • Dance Floor Symbiosis - 4h, Dance Floor
  • Try Not to Scare People - 6h, Bar

Vision Edit

  • Raise The Roof - 4h, Above

Viv Edit

  • Participate in Dance - 5m, Dance Floor
  • Multitask - 2h, Bar
  • Rock the House - 6h, Above

Voyager Edit

  • Disco! - 5m, Dance Floor

Wasp Edit

  • Work The Room - 3m, Bar
  • Get This Party Started - 25m, Dance Floor
  • The Twist - 3h, Dance Floor (Requires Original Wasp outfit)

Whiplash Edit

  • Nurse Your Drink - 30m, Bar

Wiccan Edit

  • Celebrate - 3h, Dance Floor, requires Hulkling
  • Dance Magic Dance - 6h, Dance Floor

Winter Soldier Edit

  • Remember The Good Times - 3m, Bar

Wonder Man Edit

  • Mingle With Fans - 3m, Bar
  • Find Me In The Club - 2h, Dance Floor

Wong Edit

  • Regulate - 4h, Dance Floor

Yondu Edit

  • Order Another - 2m, Bar
  • Keep Partying - 5h, Dance Floor

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Loki being obsessed with dancing has become a running joke within the fandom (and leaping into the game itself) because so many of his earlier Missions required that he Master The Dance Floor. Because of this, for many players Loki was a non-stop dancing machine in the early days of the game.