Clearly Superior, Pt. 3

Clearly Superior, Pt. 3 is a Premium Quest. Iron Man is acting more and more like Loki...


Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Look Down On People 6hr Quad (flying)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Superior Iron Man: I need to survey my domain. Identify anyone foolish enough to think they can challenge the Superior Iron Man.
Loki: You don't sound like yourself.
Superior Iron Man: Your words are worthless. Pathetic whispers drowning in a rapidly advancing technological tidal wave of my design.
Loki: ...You sound like me.
Superior Iron Man: This world is hopelessly flawed. I need to delete it. Tear it to pieces. Burn it down to nothing but a blank slate for my superior design.
Loki: I liked you better when all you did was make jokes. They weren't funny, but I sometimes found humor in your attempts to be funny...
Superior Iron Man: That Tony Stark is gone. Soon, you and the rest of this world will join him...

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