Can You Dig It, pt. 3

Can You Dig It?, pt. 3 is a Storyline Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy limited-time event. Yondu wants to get stonger so he can take on the Avengers!


Upgrade Yondu! (Rank 2)

Character Action Time Location
Yondu Stick and Move 15m Cosmic Combat Simulator (dummy)
Star-Lord Practice Your Moves 15m Cosmic Combat Simulator (dummy)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Star Lord: You aren't serious about fighting these guys, right? They have real powers. All we have is cool jackets...
Yondu: And cooler weapons.
Star Lord: True, but that doesn't mean it's smart to try and fight the Avengers.
Yondu: I ain't never been too smart...
Yondu: I changed my mind, Quill. I no longer desire nor require your presence.
Star Lord: What? Why? I was killing it out there!
Yondu: Yeah, you did alright. That combined with your likeable childlike dumbness made me change my mind about double-crossing you, and using you as a hostage to trade Fury for his treasure.
Star Lord: Thanks?
Yondu: You don't gotta get all misty-eyed about it, Quill. That's what friends are for...

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