Bust A Cap, Pt. 1

Bust A Cap, Pt. 1 is a Storyline Quest. After taking a lesson in unwinding from Falcon, Captain America is ready to pass on what he has learned to Black Widow.


Character Action Time Location
Captain America Find Ricochet Angles 2hr Club A (pool table)
Black Widow Eavesdrop 3m Club A (off the dance floor)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Captain America: Falcon did me a favor by reminding me that it's good to have fun sometimes. I know we both have the tendency to work too hard, so I wanted to share the sentiment.
Black Widow: Thanks for sharing.
Captain America: Let's just hang out. It'll be fun. And you can spy on people.
Black Widow: I do like violating people's privacy...
Captain America: Did you have fun?
Black Widow: No.
Captain America: Great.
Black Widow: But I did think of something that'll help me find what Fury's hiding, so thank you for that. And thanks for caring whether I have fun or not.
Captain America: I like a challenge, Black Widow. And there's no bigger challenge than making you smile.

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