Bitter Rivals

Bitter Rivals is a Storyline Quest. Taskmaster is ready—Captain America is going down!


Character Action Time Location
Captain America + Taskmaster Fight! 3hr The Arena Of War (stage)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Taskmaster: Training's over, Cap. It's time to fight.
Captain America: You don't have to listen to Enchantress, Taskmaster. I don't wanna fight you.
Taskmaster: You don't wanna lose. You don't wanna ruin your pretty boy looks, and your fake reputation. You're scared.
Captain America: Alright. Now I wanna fight you.
Taskmaster: ...Not possible. I got you outgunned. I knew everything you'd do before you did it.
Captain America: You can copy my moves, Taskmaster. You can't copy my heart.
Taskmaster: Maybe after I rip it from your chest...
Captain America: If Enchantress doesn't get yours first...

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