Big Fists Giant Robot

Big Fists, Giant Robot is a Storyline Quest. It's time to take down A.I.M.'s giant robot!


Character Action Time Location
Black Widow + Captain America + Ms. Marvel Destroy The Giant Robot! 8hr The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Captain America: Black Widow and I will keep it distracted, and take out any A.I.M. Scientists we find, but this is your show. We follow your lead.
Ms. Marvel: ...
Captain America: You're gonna do great.
Ms. Marvel: ...
Captain America: I needed a barf bag before my first big mission. We keep some on the Quinjet.
Ms. Marvel: Okay, cool.
Captain America: I'm proud of you, Kamala. You were amazing.
Ms. Marvel: Thanks so much, Captain America. It was pretty much the coolest thing that ever happened. I still feel kind of bad about the Quinjet though...
Captain America: Don't worry about it. We'll have one of Tony's robots clean it up.
Ms. Marvel: Aren't you ever worried that they'll turn on us?
Captain America: Robots do that?
Ms. Marvel: Whoa, Cap. I have so many movies for you to watch...

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