Be A Baron!

Be A Baron! is a Storyline Quest. Baron Zemo was a limited-time only Premium Character available from Feb. 25-29, 2016. If you bought him within the first 24 hours, this quest would give you a 100 Shard "rebate."

Requirements Edit

  • Recruit Baron Zemo!
    • 995 Shards.

Quest Dialogue Edit

Enchantress: They tell me you're considering joining us...
Baron Zemo: I've given them twenty-four hours to convince me that Avengers Academy deserves my brilliance.
Enchantress: If seeing me doesn't convince you, nothing will.
Baron Zemo: I only see beauty in destruction.
Enchantress: Then you should definitely join the Academy. We'll do beautiful things...
Enchantress: I'm pleased you decided to join the Academy. I've always wanted a masked henchman.
Baron Zemo: Henchman?! A Zemo serves no one! The world exists only to serve Baron Zemo!
Enchantress: I hope you don't expect me to serve you...
Baron Zemo: Baron Zemo demands servitude! Hope is simply another victim, struggling to breathe beneath his heel. Hail Hydra! Hail Zemo!
Enchantress: If you say so. Perhaps our paths of destruction will cross. Perhaps I'll forgive your tone...

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