Battle Is Coming is a Mission Board Quest. Versions 2 and 3 are Heroic Mission Board Quests. Enchantress says, "My spells tell me this mystery will end in a great battle. Look for clues, prepare to fight, and hope you're on my side."

Version 1 Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Black Widow Search For Clues 1m Paths
Loki Cast Aspersions 25m Avengers Dorm (right chair)
Enchantress Refine Attacks 30m The Blasting Range (firing points)

Version 2 Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Drax The Destroyer Plot Your Revenge 4hr Avengers Dorm (right chair)
Enchantress Mix Potions 1hr Pym's Lab (Chemical Station)

Version 3 Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Groot Use Auto-Pilot 4hr Milano Starship (starship)
Black Knight Gallop Onward! 15m Paths
Enchantress Curse Artifacts 4hr The Asgardian Forge (magic pool)

Gallery Edit

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