Bad Timing, Pt. 1

Bad Timing, Pt. 1 is a Storyline Quest. Wasp has a crush on Hank Pym.


Character Action Time Location
Wasp Mess With Chemicals 30m Pym's Lab (chemical station)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: I think I might have a crush on Professor Pym...
Iron Man: I know you always see the best in people, and have a crush on pretty much everybody, but that's still pretty weird...
Wasp: You think if anyone has a crush on someone who isn't you it's weird.
Iron Man: That's not true. I just happen to know a lot of weird girls.
Wasp: Professor Pym, how'd I do on my experiment?!
Hank Pym: Fantastic! It was so uninteresting that I mistook it for mouthwash, and now my teeth feel uniquely tingly!
Wasp: Oh. I actually tried really hard...
Hank Pym: Keep trying! When my experiments fail, they endanger humanity! You just made a great-tasting, and possibly toxic dental hygiene product!

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