Bad Seeds Pt2

Bad Seeds, Pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest. Enchantress tattled on Loki who is now in hot water with Odin. Oh the indignity!


Character Action Time Location
Loki Ruin All The Fun 2m Club A (bar)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Odin: Director Fury wants you expelled, Loki, and I cannot blame him. He'll allow you to stay if you help design a dormitory with increased surveillance that will serve as your new home.
Loki: You always loved Thor more than me!
Odin: What's that have to do with anything? Although, he is a much better builder...
Loki: You gave him a magical hammer!
Baron Zemo: Apparently, I'll be joining you in this glorified cell. I support the color choice, but a Hydra architect would--
Loki: I refuse to speak to you until you remove that ridiculous mask.
Baron Zemo: My father wore this mask!
Loki: That explains a lot.

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