Away Team

Away Team is a Storyline Quest. Since hacking A.I.M.'s systems failed, Black Widow decides to investigate the place in person.


Character Action Time Location
Iron Man + Wasp + Black Widow Visit The A.I.M. Institute! 3hr The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Widow: I'm going with you and Wasp to A.I.M.'s Super-Science Fair just in case there's trouble. Where's your experiment?
Iron Man: Oh, you mean my perfect Tony Stark Life-Model Decoy?! He's already buckled in the Quinjet with a warm towel, and some roasted peanuts.
Black Widow: I'm pretty sure we're walking into a trap. I know it's almost impossible for you, but you need to take this seriously.
Iron Man: Definitely. I'm gonna go see if robo-Tony wants me to freshen his towel!
Wasp: It's okay, Tony. I still think you're a really super scientist.
Iron Man: And a sore loser. And they cheated.
Wasp: At least it wasn't a trap. And Professor Pym will think it's awesome that my Pym Particle experiment worked perfect.
Iron Man: You should've won. If robo-Tony didn't mysteriously go haywire, I would've won. A.I.M. just wanted to embarrass us, but nobody embarrasses me but myself. If they want a nerd war, they've got one...

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