Avengers Beach!, Pt. 2 is an Event Quest. It is part of the limited-time Sun, Surf, and Mischief! event.

Requirements Edit

  • Have Van Dyne's Outfits
  • Unlock Tropical Wasp!
    • Outfit available in Van Dyne's Outfits
    • Cost: 7 beach balls and 50 Credits
Character Action Time Location
Wasp Lounge Around 4hr Avengers Beach (towel)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: Did you hear Loki made us a beach?!
Black Widow: I heard. Don't go anywhere near it until I'm sure it's safe...
Wasp: Do you want a one piece or a two piece?! I'm already making you the cutest black parasol with a little red spider on top!
Black Widow: It's probably a trap. Are you even listening?
Wasp: Are you even gonna ask what I'm wearing?
Black Widow: Are you okay? I'm not used to you standing still...
Tropical Wasp: I'm amazing. Avengers Beach is the best. I'm so relaxed...
Black Widow: I'm afraid Loki did something to it. Like it's draining your energy or something...
Tropical Wasp: It's all good, Natasha. You should totally try relaxing. It's like what you always do, but the opposite...