To celebrate the game's second anniversary, Avengers Academy 2.0 was released 6 February 2018, and featured major changes to combat, the Mission Board, and character rank-ups. It also added features such as your Academy Power Level, Stamina, and a new Hero Management board.

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Combat Edit

Combat was significantly overhauled, and is no longer restricted to just during events. Academy students are categorized into Types and Classes. They each have a unique Basic Attack, Special Attack, Passive trait, and two Ultimate abilities. A full list of all student traits are listed on the Combat Attributes article.

Combat is accessible through the new Campaign Map.

Types Edit

Classes Edit

  • Students are assigned one of three Classes: Attacker, Support, or Tank.

Mission Board Edit

Upgrade the Mission Board Edit

  • The Mission Board can now be upgraded. Upgrade requirements are listed on the Mission Board article.

Missions Edit

  • Provide combat stamina needed to engage in combat.

Goals Edit

  • Missions required to progress through the game or event storyline.

Daily Edit

  • Six random daily missions that are the main source of Experience needed to level up your Academy.

Hero Edit

  • Character recruitment and storyline missions.

Event Edit

  • Event missions; this tab only appears when an event is active.

Character Rank-Ups Edit

Materials required to upgrade characters' Level, Rank, and Rarity can be obtained through normal and heroic combat.

Skills Edit

  • Provide upgrades to unlocked combat abilities.

Level Edit

  • Permanently upgrades hero base stats for Health and Attacks.
  • Increase your student's level with Comic Pages, Graphic Novels, Graphic Novel Box Sets, and Trading Cards.

Rank Edit

  • Provides a percentage boost to base stats.
  • The materials required to upgrade students is now standardized according to their Type.

Rarity Edit

  • Unlocks unique combat abilities and passives, and provides a significant percentage boost to combat stats.
  • Rarity can be upgraded through Hero Shards, which are occasionally dropped from Heroic combat.