Asgardian Grudge

Asgardian Grudge is a Storyline Quest. It is the quest that allows you to recruit Loki to the Academy.

Requirements Edit

Avengers Academy 2.0 Edit

Invite Loki to the Academy!

Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Free Loki! 5m Stark Tower (holo display)

Avengers Academy 1.0 Edit

Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Repair Loki's Reputation 30s Stark Tower (holo display)
Wasp Fake An Apology 30s Avengers Dorm (right chair)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: We need your help, Loki.
Loki: You need to right your wrongs, Bug-Woman. The embarrassing pictures you took of me at that party are still floating around your internet.
Wasp: That's what you get for starting a prank war. If we fix it, will you help us fight some Hydra guys?
Loki: If you repair my reputation, bring me something extravagant, and craft me a heartfelt apology, I most likely won't destroy you all.
Wasp: Are you happy now?
Loki: Your apology was thoughtless. And your grammar is questionable at best.
Wasp: But we can count on you when Hydra attacks the Academy?
Loki: Everyone knows you can always trust Loki...