Asgardian Grudge

Asgardian Grudge is a Storyline Quest. It is the quest that allows you to recruit Loki to the Academy.

Requirements Edit

Invite Loki to the Academy!

Recruit Loki:

Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Repair Loki's Reputation 30s Stark Tower (holo display)
Wasp Fake An Apology 30s Avengers Dorm (right chair)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: We need your help, Loki.
Loki: You need to right your wrongs, Bug-Woman. The embarrassing pictures you took of me at that party are still floating around your internet.
Wasp: That's what you get for starting a prank war. If we fix it, will you help us fight some Hydra guys?
Loki: If you repair my reputation, bring me something extravagant, and craft me a heartfelt apology, I most likely won't destroy you all.
Wasp: Are you happy now?
Loki: Your apology was thoughtless. And your grammar is questionable at best.
Wasp: But we can count on you when Hydra attacks the Academy?
Loki: Everyone knows you can always trust Loki...

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