All-New Avengers! Pt4

All-New Avengers!, Pt. 4 is a Storyline Quest. Ms. Marvel and her team are ready to take on A.I.M.!


Character Action Time Location
Falcon + Ms. Marvel + Wasp Attack A.I.M.! 5hr The Quinjet Hangar (Quinjet)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Ms. Marvel: Alright, team. Director Fury created a distraction, but we'll still have to take down a bunch of A.I.M. Scientists to get into the Institute, and get those schematics.
Falcon: What's the plan?
Wasp: Blast 'em.
Ms. Marvel: And punch 'em.
Falcon: I like how Wasp spent way more time deciding what shoes to wear than we spent planning our assault on supervillains.
Scientist Supreme: You may have triumphed over my idiotic minions, but you're no match for the Scientist Supreme!
Ms. Marvel: Your voice is weird.
Scientist Supreme: How dare you?!
Ms. Marvel: I just mean it sounds all echoey. Is that really your body, or are you just wearing a big suit. If so, you must be hot. I dressed up as dinosaur once, and it was fun, but I got super sweaty...
Scientist Supreme: The time for talking is over. Prepare to meet your doom!
Ms. Marvel: I didn't know bad guys actually said that!
Scientist Supreme: You cheated! You're all cheaters! I hate you!
Wasp: Whoa. Scientist Supreme must've missed his nap.
Scientist Supreme: This is what I wanted to happen! This is all my plan! Avengers Academy will be mine!
Ms. Marvel: Okay, this is just making me sad now. Let's get the schematics and go.
Falcon: Nice work, fearless leader. Can you tell what the secret weapon is from the schematics?
Ms. Marvel: No, it's crazy complicated, but the title at the top says M.O.D.O.K.
Wasp: Ugh. I don't know why, but just hearing that word made me throw up in my mouth.

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