All-New Avengers!, Pt1

All-New Avengers!, Pt. 1 is a Storyline Quest. Nick Fury wants Ms. Marvel to get ready to lead a team of her own.


Character Action Time Location
Ms. Marvel + Wasp Get Ready For Battle 1hr The Arena Of War (stage)
Ms. Marvel + Falcon Test Your Teammates 1hr The Arena Of War (stage)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Ms. Marvel: I think I'm ready for some real action, Mr. Fury.
Nick Fury: I agree. Go gather your team.
Ms. Marvel: I just meant I'm ready to fight. I don't think I'm ready to lead.
Nick Fury: I think you're wrong, and what I think is all that matters. Matter of fact, you're gonna lead our assault on the A.I.M. Institute, and end them once and for all. Go find some teammates, and get to work.
Falcon: So, you could've picked anybody, and you went with a party girl, and the guy with no powers?
Ms. Marvel: It's a chance for all of us to prove ourselves. We can do something big without anyone's help.
Wasp: Don't worry, Falcon. The girls will protect you. What's our orders, boss lady?
Ms. Marvel: We're attacking The A.I.M. Institute of Super-Technology.
Wasp: Oh. I would've dressed different if I knew it was a suicide mission.

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