A List 2

A-List, Pt. 2 is a Storyline Quest. It's much better to do these things yourself, as Black Widow is finding out.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time location
Black Widow Search For Clues 1m Paths
Iron Man Make A Scene 2m Club A (bar)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Black Widow: Since you're useless, I'll go to the Lounge myself, and see what Loki knows.
Iron Man: Sweet. Spy partners.
Black Widow: You're not a spy. I don't know what you are. But if you insist on going, just stand back and watch.
Iron Man: I've been waiting forever to hear you say that.
Iron Man: It's so awesome!
Black Widow: Thanks. I've trained my whole life as a spy.
Iron Man: I'm talking about the basement in Club A!  I heard there's a constant crazy party down there!  Does Fury even know about this?!  Fury cannot know about this!  You better not tell him!
Black Widow: I don't care. I just heard Loki has proof that the hidden power source at the Academy shares the same energy signature as the timefog. I bet that's what caused it...
Iron Man: I wasn't listening to anything you said. See you in the basement!

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